‘All men are my friends. I have only to meet them’, says an old saying. Ruskin Bond sums it up beautifully. Time, place and emotion must coalesce, hence the rarity of these occasions. Delight cannot be planned for — she makes no appointments !


Veturi Sundararama Murthy

One cannot become a poet by training and by mere knowledge of grammar, nor literature can be appreciated and enjoyed by clamour. All this is confined to one’s inner literary characteristics and inspirations. A temptation towards poetic subtlety outbreaks into lyrical expression. Intrinsic way of expression makes all the difference. The subject may be common, but the feeling it invokes is the style.


I did not name my first born girl child for over a year as no particular proper noun spontaneously appealed to me. The selection later, was a chance. One day I was casually listening to Telugu film songs on the radio. A particular song written by Veturi and composed by the duo Rajan-Nagendra unwittingly inspired me to name my daughter. When I mentioned this to Veturi, he gave a delighted smile.



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